The Retreat by Bionassay - Wellness Event - Miami - Gabriela Medina

The Retreat: A Hydration Chapter


When The Retreat was imagined, we knew we wanted it to be a series of community events that provided a safe space to nourish every inch of our entire being – mind, body, and soul.

Today, The Retreat embodies the idea that we can connect with our inner selves while working toward social change. Our mission is to generate ripples of waves that drive positive social impact beyond just "you and me" for a better, more compassionate world. 


Last Saturday, we had the honor of hosting the second event of The Retreat by Bionassay, which was much more enchanting because of our dear sponsors.

Anna de Kousemaeker, Transformational Coach; Lidia Tunyan, Registered Practitioner; and Miami Design District, among others. 

Our partners helped us craft a harmonious Hydration Retreat. An evening of wellness and rejuvenation that featured Water-Guided Meditation, Acupressure Workshops, Vitamin D + B12 Injections, and a Skin Health Masterclass. 




We focused this chapter on hydration, as water is the fundamental need of each living thing on Earth. All of its states are essential and play a significant role in supporting our existence on this planet. Every cell in our bodies depends on water and its flow to function. So what better way to celebrate well-being and mental and overall physical health than by celebrating water?


But like we say: Here, self-love is the goal. Here, community is the purpose.


The Hydration event supported two organizations that we greatly admire: AWOM and Thirst Project. These two non-profits are at the forefront of building stronger and healthier communities.



AWOM has grown from support groups for people who have lost a loved one to supporting individuals for a better tomorrow. From aiding single mothers needing a place to sleep to building a Girls Club at public schools, AWOM empowers individuals and communities for a better future. 


Thirst Project is a crucial player in increasing the positive impact of water and sanitation projects worldwide! From controlling or eliminating diseases in specific communities to ensuring children can stay in school, water becomes a vital resource and a catalyst to address poverty, hunger, AIDS, and more.


Thank you to everyone who made this second chapter one full of light! See you soon!