Holistic Skincare Routine for All Skin Types

A Holistic Skincare Routine for All Skin by Jodie Anderson

Meet Jodie Anderson a practicing holistic esthetician with about 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. She created a simple and effective skincare routine to leave skin glowing!

When asked why she got into skincare, Jodie shares that she has a math and science way of mind. 

I’m an introvert in nature, and problem solving in quiet spaces comes naturally to me. Learning skin care and healing my own acne has inadvertently healed my own body, putting autoimmune illnesses into remission I once believed were unmanageable. This passion fuels my drive to help my clients heal through their skin the same way I did. 


What were your first impressions of your Bionassay products? 

Immediately loved the message, brand, and packaging of the products. A quick check of the ingredients I fell in love with how safe they are for acne prone skin! The active serum I knew I was going to instantly like for my clients who want to keep their routine simple yet effective. The Perle D’Eau instantly felt like a day to day moisturizer. The Neige Éternelle has the most beautiful mousse texture. I couldn’t wait to try sleeping in this moisturizer overnight. 

What stands out to you about these products that other products do not have or lack?

Overall these products are easily formulated to fit any skin, any condition. A lot of skin care can have adverse effects or make problems worse if it’s not being used on exactly the right type of person with exactly the right type of skin, but here this is no issue. I can always feel safe with any of my clients using each of the Bionassay products. I don’t feel like I have to micromanage clients and it gives them much more comfort knowing whatever they feel like trying from this line, they will find benefits to their skin. The Eclait de Lait serum has a flexible formula for dry, oily, and normal skin with a balance of active ingredients. The Perle D’Eau and the Neige Éternelle creams are so hydrating they need no other assistance from additional products to do their job. The Neige Éternelle specifically resembles actual velvet, and the Perle D’Eau is lightweight but extremely effective on dry skin which is really hard to find in nourishing products. 


After using the Bionassay products, would you recommend these products to other clients and estheticians?

Definitely, we can all benefit from them.