bi·​o·nas·​say | \ˈbē-ˈoh-na-ˈse

1 : We borrowed the name from one of the most subtle and attractive peaks of the Mont Blanc massif: Bionnassay

2 : A play on words combining biology (the scientific study of life) and assay (to analyze and determine characteristics of substances)

A note from the creators

It is nature’s perseverance that inspired us to craft essentials that carry the strength and energy of the Mountains and the Sea. 

These are the two environments that command our utmost respect. We've always admired the tenacity of the high altitude flowers, creating their nest between a cold rock and a piece of eternal snow, or the persistence of the algae dancing to the back and forth movement of underwater currents.

Bionassay inspires us. 

It is the nostalgia of hiking in the vast daring Alpine environment for one, and swimming in the deep blue waters of the Caribbean for the other. 

Bionassay's scents, ingredients, textures and story represent a vault of souvenirs from our past, carrying our tales and memories.We'd like to invite you on a retreat of sumptuous uncomplicated care. 

Unleash the power of your skin through curated skincare essentials that are for every skin.

Welcome to our Bionassay universe,

- Pao & Seb


There are many myths, taboos and misconceptions in our community.

Bionassay is a philosophy, a reflection of our values, an honest approach to skincare, a journey towards responsibility, a celebration of nature's intricacy through simple formulas.

  • Our Vital Shield

    A reflection of our health, the skin is our protective veil with an ability to heal itself. We want to understand how the skin behaves and what factors affect its functions.

  • A Mindful craft

    When used intentionally, natural and synthetic ingredients combined to efficiently treat skincare concerns and deliver visible results.

  • Go back to basics

    Overwhelming routines can be counterproductive, so we designed sumptuous essentials with simplicity in mind.

  • Respectful sourcing

    Natural ingredients, does not mean better ingredients. Waste valorization and limiting of blind and wild harvesting are of top priority for us.


We decided to craft effective formulas that shield and pamper the skin, through the use of botanical and synthetic compounds, we love nature and trust science. 

At Bionassay, we cherish honesty, so we’ve taken our time to study the skin and skin care findings to ensure we provide you with empirical data and facts… not just trends. 

Our products have undergone through multiple studies and tests performed by independent laboratories to ensure that they are safe for the skin.

Each of our formulas have been designed with ingredients that replenish, protect and heal the skin - such as: antioxidant compounds, fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals, among others. 

Additionally, smart preservatives, stabilizing, and other conditioning agents are combined, in order to address skin care needs and deliver results. 

Our skincare essentials have been engineered with stable safer ingredients that replace harmful and irritating preservatives, gelling and stabilizing agents, silicones, and parabens, among other “no-no” ingredients.

  • Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

    Albert Einstein