how to achieve glowy skin

How to Achieve Glowy Skin

Selecting the Right Skincare Ingredients for Your Skin Type


Achieving glowy skin isn't as complex as it may seem. Having a healthy and uncompromised skin barrier is key. Taking the time to understand your skin type can make all the difference when it comes to nourishing your skin in the best possible way!

Our skin is made up of tiny building blocks such as lipids and cells. Everyone has a unique skin barrier system that serves as an important defense from the outside world. Our skin acts almost like a coat of armor, regulating hydration and protecting us from environmental toxins, microorganisms, and other external factors. It's amazing to think this layer of protection is incredibly thin yet highly effective at preventing disease and maintaining overall health. To keep our skin barrier up to par, cells require nutrients (think food for them) and lipids need protection (think of it as a matrix or film). Hydrating ingredients will provide a boost that keeps your skin from reaching thirst levels, while applying moisturizing agents provides those lil' cells with enough essential fats (oils) they need. With this knowledge on hand, you'll be able to obtain that perfectly glowy complexion you've been craving!
Choosing the right skincare ingredients can be daunting, but it's important to get it right. The key is to understand your skin type and find products that are formulated with natural and lab-based active ingredients designed specifically for your needs. Dry skin will require different care than oily or combination skin types. Bionassay’s products come in a range of formulations for all skin types so that you can select the best product for your individual needs. And if you're not sure what your skin type is, check out our Skin Type Guide here before selecting your skincare products. With the right ingredients, you can ensure that your skin gets exactly what it needs for maximum health and radiance.
If you have dry skin, look for ingredients that will help lock in moisture, such as hyaluronic acid[1] or glycerin[2], both of which are humectants. If you have dry or normal skin all year round, or all of a sudden find your skin is always parched thanks to the winter chill, our Perle D'Eau light cream can help. For acne-prone or oily skin types, products containing clay,[3] charcoal, or salicylic acid[4] can help to draw out impurities and reduce excess oiliness. Combination skin types can benefit from a blend of hydrating and mattifying ingredients, such as jojoba oil and zinc oxide.[5] Our unique formula in our Neige Éternelle velvet cream was specifically designed to nourish oily and combination skin, providing the moisture and hydration it needs without clogging pores. And finally, sensitive skin types should look for calming extracts like chamomile or aloe vera to soothe irritation.
We know the struggle of sensitive skin all too well here at our company, which is why we've made sure to create products with sensitive skin types in mind. We've tested and selected every single active ingredient in order to provide a reliable solution for skin that needs something a little extra special.
Understanding which ingredients will help your skin type is the first step towards achieving healthy, glowing skin. You can also reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns; our team is standing by ready to help. Our natural and lab made products are all tailored for a spectrum of skin types, so you can make sure your glow is on point!

Ingredients in Your Skincare 

Finding the right skincare product for you can be tough which is why knowing a bit about each ingredient can be beneficial. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or combo, we've got an encyclopedia of ingredients for you to check out!
Take for instance Hibiscus and Padina Pavonica. They are known for improving skin tone, texture and appearance. Both are rich in antioxidants and loaded with antiseptic properties, these natural elements are known to help soothe, firm and rejuvenate the skin.
On another note, Jojoba is a popular oil rich in antioxidants and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, ideal for repairing and protecting the skin from damaging oxidants. Meanwhile, Edelweiss extract is known to reduce inflammation.[6] It contains bioactive polyphenols which work together to make our skin look better by stimulating collagen production. So if you’re looking to fight inflammation, Jojoba and Edelweiss are your allies.
Introducing powerhouse ingredients to your skin care routine can protect your skin barrier against environmental or barrier stressors. Your skin will thank you!

Proper Application Techniques for Maximum Benefits 

Applying skincare products correctly is essential for maximizing their results. And that starts with proper application. Apply your serums and creams with gentle massage-like motions or even dab rather than engaging in harsh rubbing or dragging. After all, you want your glow-up without disrupting the natural barrier of your precious skin!

If you're using a serum or moisturizer, it's important to apply the product in an even layer over the skin and massage it gently into the skin until it has been absorbed. If you're using a face mask, make sure to leave it on for the recommended amount of time before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Additionally, always be sure to apply sunscreen during the day for maximum protection from sun damage and age preservation.
When it comes to layering your skincare products, the basic concept is to start with the lightest product and work your way up to the heaviest one. That way, the lighter products can penetrate through to the deeper layers of your skin and the heavier products stay on top to help retain moisture and protect your skin. Don’t forget to customize your skincare routine to include treatments that are specifically designed to meet your skin's needs.
For timeless skin care, our hydrating moisturizers and repairing serum can help give you a healthy everyday glow. With the right combination of skincare products and proper application techniques, you can make sure your skin looks its absolute best!

Tips to Enhance Skin Health

When it comes to achieving healthy, glowy skin, going minimalist might be the way to go. Streamline your beauty routine to the basics and ditch all of those extraneous steps, you may have been adding them one by one but now would be the time to take a step back and focus on what you truly need.
Incorporate proactive preventative measures into your everyday lifestyle including sunscreen and hydration, along with eating foods high in antioxidants (such as dark chocolate, blueberries, strawberries, and leafy greens like kale and spinach) for added protection. And don’t forget to sprinkle in some stress management! A bit of effort in taking care of your beautiful skin will go a long way. Try these tips today and make glowing skin part of your skin care routine steps.


With our perfected skin care essentials, you can realize your dream of achieving a healthy and radiant complexion in record time! Our special ingredients are carefully balanced to feed your cells with nourishment and leave your skin looking visibly refined. For best results, combine this with your customized routines and take careful consideration of the needs of your unique skin type. And if stress is taking its toll on your complexion, allow yourself some mindful relief so that you can achieve maximum benefits from our incredible products.
With dedication and consistency, you’ll be able to see amazing results in no time. Start your journey to better skin today with Bionassay, and get ready for the glowing complexion of your dreams!
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