Categories: Emulsifier, Anti-Wrinkle, After-Sun Care

Products: Éclat de Lait

Ingredient Description:

Carbomer is a really special type of gel-forming[1] material that is often used as an emulsion stabilizing agent (a substance that helps mix unlike ingredients such as oil and water) in cosmetic applications. This special white powder is a type of crosslinked polyacrylic acid that is polymerized using a safe and non-toxic system. Due to its self-wetting and low dusting properties, it's incredibly easy to use and work with. Carbomer also acts as a viscosity-controlling ingredient in skincare products such as our multi-use elixir Éclat de Lait. This reliable polyacrylic acid is ideal for high-viscosity gels, creams and lotions that require short flow and no-drip technology. Not only does it help keep ingredients mixed together without separating out, but it can also make products thicker so your favorite lotions and serums can have a smooth and silky consistency.[2]


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