harmony between skincare ingredients

Balanced Formulations: Importance of Synergy Between Skincare Ingredients

harmony of skincare ingredients

Neige Éternelle


  • Salicylic Acid (from Wintergreen) + Jojoba Seed Oil

    Our innovative lab-enhanced Wintergreen extract is packed with natural salicylic acid molecules, working its magic to flush out dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling purified. Jojoba Seed Oil steps in with its powerful emollient properties, replenishing your skin's moisture and giving you that extra boost of hydration your skin needs. 

  • Black Currant + Padina Pavonica 
  • Black Currant brings light exfoliating and skin-protecting properties to the table, while Padina Pavonica stimulates the synthesis of hydrating hyaluronic acid beneath the surface and also helps protect the skin barrier. Together, they lock in your skin's moisture levels while keeping it protected from external aggressors. 


    Perle D’Eau

    • Milk Thistle + Chicory Root
    • Chicory Root extract is not only a skin conditioning ingredient, but it also plays a crucial role in supporting the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Milk thistle, which is loaded with omega-6s, offers skin-protecting properties. How? By enhancing skin cohesion, it ensures the benefits of hyaluronic acid stay with you. 

    • Camellia + Padina Pavonica 
    • Camellia, with its abundance of monounsaturated fatty acids, works wonders for mature skin as it boosts elasticity. Padina Pavonica jumps right in to protect and moisturize your skin, complementing Camellia's awesome benefits.


      Éclat de Lait

      • Glycolic Acid + Grape Leaf, Honey, Chamomile
      • Glycolic Acid (GA) is a gentle exfoliating ingredient that helps brush away dead skin cells, leaving you with a smooth and soft texture. As GA does its exfoliation magic, Grape Leaf, Honey, and Chamomile step in with their skin-conditioning properties, leaving your skin hydrated and pampered. 

      • Adansonia (Baobab) + Hibiscus Glycerin Blend
      • This blend truly embodies our sustainability values – let me explain. This blend is the result of a remarkable USAID project in Senegal, focused on fostering a sustainable economy and ensuring safe working conditions for women. These two ingredients have a multitude of benefits. They help with lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells) reduction and adipogenesis (the formation of fat cells) stimulation, giving your skin a plumped look. Additionally, protein stimulation helps to develop tight junctions, promoting tighter and firmer skin. Lastly, by activating the expression of genes responsible for forming the skin barrier and corneal envelopes, you'll experience improved cohesion and firmness in the epidermis.

        If you haven’t noticed already we only offer 3 products, 3 essentials,  to make sure your skin practice is not inundated with multiple products – we like to keep things simple and intuitive. This helps make layering products a breeze. After cleansing the skin, begin by applying lightweight Éclat de Lait, afterward check-in with your skin and take notice if there are any target areas you would like to treat with Neige Éternelle or Perle D’Eau, or simply apply them as a moisturizer. Lastly, end with sunscreen application, even on days when the sun is feeling a little shy.