Self-Love As A Revolutionary Act

Self-Love As A Revolutionary Act

The spirit of Bastille Day is all about breaking free from oppressive forces and claiming our right to freedom and happiness. In a way, it's a celebration of our own personal revolutions and victories, whether they be big or small. It's a reminder that we should never stop fighting for what we believe in and that we all deserve to live our lives on our own terms. 


So on this Bastille Day, let's take a moment to celebrate our own triumphs and cherish our own shining selves–vive la liberté! In our current society, there are countless messages telling us to be something other than ourselves. Yet, in order to truly make a difference and effect societal change we must look within and cultivate a mindset of self-love. When we learn to love ourselves fiercely and wholly, it is an act of revolution because it requires shaking off the oppressions of internalized shame that have been ingrained in us every time the world tells us we are not enough. 



Defining Self-Love


Self-love can be defined as the act of valuing oneself and treating oneself with kindness, compassion, and respect. It is not selfish or vain but an essential foundation for a healthy and fulfilling approach to life. Practicing self-love involves taking care of both the physical and emotional aspects of yourself. It means setting boundaries, saying no when necessary, and acknowledging your achievements and strengths. In a world that often tells us to prioritize productivity and perfection, self-love encourages us to slow down, prioritize self-care, and focus on becoming our best selves. Practicing self-love not only improves our self-esteem but also reduces stress and anxiety, allowing us to build healthier relationships with ourselves and others.


Finding Ways to Nourish and Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Soul


In today's fast-paced world, it's essential to find ways to slow down and take care of ourselves. One of the best ways to nourish our mind, body, and soul is through a calming and intentional skincare practice. Not only does it help our skin look and feel great, but it also provides a much-needed moment of relaxation in our day. Taking the time to massage in a gentle cleanser, apply a hydrating serum, and moisturize with a luxurious cream can be a form of self-care that benefits us both physically and mentally. As we focus on caring for our skin, we can also let go of stress and tension, allowing us to reflect and fully rejuvenate. So, why not take a few minutes each day to treat yourself to a calming skincare practice and give your mind, body, and soul the nourishment they deserve?



Celebrating Yourself as a Radical Act of Courage


In a world that often tells us to shrink ourselves down and fit into defined boxes, celebrating yourself can feel like a radical act of courage. It's easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we're not living up to certain expectations. But when we take a moment to reflect on all that we've accomplished and who we truly are, we can begin to embrace ourselves more fully. Celebrating ourselves can be as simple as taking a few minutes each day to appreciate our strengths, taking time to do something that makes us happy, or reaching out to a friend and sharing some of our successes. Celebrating ourselves is a powerful reminder that we are worthy of love and respect, just as we are.


Self-love is a powerful nectar that can nourish our lives. It is an evergreen practice that brings us back to our roots of cultivating acceptance, nurturing love for ourselves, and finding joy in who we are. To feel truly connected to ourselves and understand what fills us with purpose, embracing self-love daily is paramount. Self-love isn't selfish–it is necessary for our individual growth as well as the betterment of society as a whole. Understanding and cultivating self-love can provide us with strength, clarity, connection to others, purpose-driven actions—and ultimately freedom from those oppressive forces keeping us stuck in patterns that don’t serve us.


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