Pamper Your Skin And Soul With Our Botanical Essences

Pamper Your Skin And Soul With Our Botanical Essences

Get ready to dive into our carefully curated collection: discover the amazing ways our creams and serums can work wonders!

Perle D’Eau is our preventative light cream that keeps you grounded with its’ earthy scent.

Perle D’Eau is perfect for targeting areas with clogged pores, dryness, irritation and fine lines. Additionally, it can be used as make-up primer, a gentle eye mask and it can be used  interchangeably with Neige Éternelle to calm hormonal acne.


Neige Éternelle, on the other hand, will elevate your senses with its uplifting floral aroma and calming properties, leaving you feeling calm and centered.

Neige Éternelle works wonders on clogged pores, redness and fine lines. Neige Éternelle can be chilled and used on areas with redness and/or irritation. Likewise, Neige Éternelle can be used as a face mask on congested areas and be left on for 5-10 minutes, perfect for decompressing after a long day! 

Éclat de Lait is our dual purpose exlir that features a gel and milk phase (don’t worry we’re vegan!), it repairs the skin-barrier and has  age-preservating benefits. 

With it’s gentle exfoliating properties, Éclat de Lait sweeps away dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresh and revitalized. Éclat de Lait is also great for repairing signs of mature skin so it’s a good idea to dab some on any target areas like crow’s feet and nasolabial folds (check out our before and after illustrations obtained from Antera 3D® after 28 days of using Éclat de Lait. 

With our Luxe Trio, you can treat yourself to a little slice of paradise every day.