Sarah Akiba

Interview with Muse Sarah Akiba


  • What inspired you to become a stylist? 
    • When I was 17 years old I interned for a wardrobe stylist going into it not knowing exactly what the line of work consisted of. After learning that you could create a look for others with other brands and cultivate a style I was completely hooked.
  • As a stylist you need to grasp who the person is and what they want to portray or convey through their appearance. Can you tell us about your creative process when styling other individuals? 
    • My creative process stems from a vision that either the artist, the director, or the client wants to bring to life. Once their inspiration is shown to me I am able to pull (borrow or purchase) outfits or pieces that make sense to bring something similar or that makes sense to life.

  • What do you want your customers to feel when you style them?
    • When I style my clients the most important thing is making sure they feel comfortable and confident as those are the things that will help elevate their overall mood when they are in a video or walking a red carpet. They should feel their absolute best selves and their outfit can help elevate that feeling. With their look, I can absolutely help them feel that they look like the best version of themselves.
  • What’s your favorite creative outlet?
    • My favorite creative outlet is creating mood boards. It inspires me so much to gather photos, lay them out, and then put together a project from that inspiration. I even make mood boards for myself whether it’s for setting a table or creating my own seasonal wardrobes!

  • Can you tell us about AWOM?
    • AWOM is a very special project. It’s an acronym for Angel Watching Over Me and it was made in honor of my beloved father who passed away ten years ago. I wanted to create a safe space for people who lost a loved one through groups and through that, it bloomed to be a safe space for many people in different walks of life. We have grief groups, and mentorship groups for young girls in middle and high school, and serve as angels to those who can be struggling. We also try to celebrate those who need it like the kids at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital who can’t go outside for Halloween, we bring Halloween to them. AWOM is an invisible home that we bring to others when we simply show up. It’s a place where we open communication for people to become a better version of themselves… It's a lot like my styling. It's just to make people feel a bit better through our hardships.

  • How has the journey towards philanthropy and community building been? 
    • The journey has been one that absolutely made me who I am. The people that I have met, the students that have absolutely changed my life and can honestly say changed theirs, and just knowing we can make a difference if we put our minds to it. It’s one of my favorite journeys in my life. From my hardest loss, it’s become my most meaningful lifelong project.
  • What are simple acts we can implement - as individuals - to better help our community?
    • The simple act you can do to help others is to help if you can help. Show up for others. Be genuinely kind. Listen to someone who just needs to let it out. Ask how someone is genuinely doing. Smile at a stranger. You may just change their world forever.